J. Ryan Shue

I'm a high school senior at Milton Academy in Milton, MA, where I'm involved with our Robotics team and school paper. Outside of school I enjoy AI research, teaching, and industrial and mechanical design.

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I'm really excited about AI and keep up to date with new research. I recently led a project on denoising diffusion models advised by Eric Chan, Gordon Wetzstein, and Jiajun Wu at Stanford (see below).

3D Neural Field Generation using Triplane Diffusion
J. Ryan Shue*, Eric Ryan Chan*, Ryan Po*, Zachary Ankner*, Jiajun Wu, Gordon Wetzstein
ArXiv, 2022

By factoring a 3D dataset into axis-aligned triplanes, we can train state-of-the-art 2D diffusion models for 3D generation nearly out-of-the-box. We outperform prior art in 3D generation on three classes of ShapeNet.

Selected Projects

Below are some projects I've started, building on various interests.

The Canopy (2020-present)

The Canopy is a tabletop vertical farm. It uses deep water culture hydroponics and artificial lighting to grow plants indoors. We funded our project on Kickstarter and will finish shipping in early December.

Zenger3D (2021)

Zenger3D was a moonshot project to fully automate 3D printers. The most expensive part of 3D printing is the painstaking labor, and we hoped to solve this with new hardware and software. We hoped to make the technology more accessible to the masses, including those looking to use 3D printers for real applications.

Zenger Writer (2021)

Zenger Writer was the Zenger3D (see above) software stack. See the link for technical details.

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